OFFERING GROUP, PARTNER & INdividual FItness/Wellness PRograms

Dynamic NeuroFit offers evidence-based fitness programs on the cutting edge of neuroscience. These programs are ideal to all members of the community, especially those with a neurological diagnosis or graduates of our therapy programs. Unlike physical therapy, fitness and wellness classes are not covered by insurance. However, if your instructor determines that you would benefit from skilled therapy, we will coordinate services with you and your physician as appropriate. To learn more about the role of wellness and fitness within the scope of physical, occupational, or speech therapy, click here. These classes are encouraged for:

  • Members of the community with a neurological diagnosis

  • Graduates of our physical, occupational, or speech therapy programs

  • Adults wishing to improve general health & well-being through exercise

  • People seeking medically-supervised exercise programs

Group Programs

Dynamic NeuroFit group programs differ from classes offered by personal trainers or fitness instructors because our programs are lead and designed by medical professionals. These programs are held at our NeuroFit clinic and offer the opportunity to socialize, get out of the house, have access to more fitness equipment, and to be inspired by others. Many spouses and caregivers also find that group classes are a meaningful way to find support and friendship in the community. Click here to see our group class schedule.

Individual Programs

These individual programs, designed and lead by medical professionals, can be performed either in the NeuroFit clinic, or in the privacy of your own home. Unlike group classes, these private classes are more personally tailored to the individual’s goals. Click here to inquire about private class pricing.


Rock Steady Boxing

The value of high-effort high-amplitude exercise has been corroborated in several studies to improve symptoms in people with Parkinson’s disease and similar neurological conditions. Many such studies suggest that continuous, intensive training offers neuro-protection, which can delay or reverse the progression of Parkinson’s disease, promoting neuro-restoration and improved quality of life.

Rock Steady Boxing (RSB) has worked closely with researchers to promote the boxing and rigorous exercise to improve mobility in people with Parkinson’s Disease. RSB is a fun way to stay fit, protect the brain, and meet new people. To learn more about RSB, click here.


Neurofit PrograMs

Our NeuroFit programs are designed by fitness experts using the latest in scientific research on neuroprotection, balance, and aging. These classes include:

  • Tai Chi for Rehab level 1

  • Loud Crowd (see below)

  • Rock Steady Boxing (see above)

  • Brain Balance (with PT approval)

Check back in often as we continue to update our program list!


The Loud Crowd

If you have completed the first phase of Parkinson Voice Project’s program, SPEAK OUT!®, you would enter the maintenance phase with LOUD Crowd. As Parkinson’s is a progressive condition, it is important to maintain the strength of one’s voice. The LOUD Crowd® is a great place to maintain the gains made in speech therapy in a group setting. To learn more about the LOUD Crowd®, click here