LSVT Loud® For parkinson’s Disease

This program is effective for voice disorders directly related to Parkinson's disease (PD).  Its estimated that nearly 90% of people with PD will have difficulties with their voice or speech. These problems often present in reduced volume, a hoarse-sounding voice, monotone, or slurred-sounding speech. For most people, these communication problems can be improved with LSVT LOUD®. To learn more about the history of LSVT GLOBAL® click here.

LSVT LOUD® differs from traditional speech therapy in that it focuses on several different parameters of voice and speech at once, uniquely for those with PD.

Treatments delivered by Dynamic LSVT LOUD® clinician can occur at home or at our NeuroFit clinic. The program consists of the following:

  • Four LSVT LOUD®. sessions a week, for four consecutive weeks.

  • A thorough evaluation session + 16 LSVT LOUD® visits.

  • Daily homework practice (all 30 days of the month).

  • LSVT LOUD® graduates are encouraged to continue with our Neurofit or LOUD Crowd® programs.


Cognition and Memory

Some people may or may not know that speech therapists don’t only address speaking and swallowing, the also address problems with thinking and memory. Our Dynamic speech therapists are experts in evaluating and addressing cognition such as problems in impulse control or memory. Addressing and strengthening what one can do and finding adaptive strategies for problem areas is essential to improving quality of life.

Education and training to caregivers is also an important part of our speech therapist’s plan of care.


SPEAK OUT!®® For parkinson’s Disease

SPEAK OUT!® is the first step in the two part SPEAK OUT!® / LOUD Crowd® program. Dynamic’s highly trained team of speech-language pathologists (SLP) work with you through a series of speech, voice, and cognitive exercises outlined in a comprehensive workbook. The primary goals of SPEAK OUT!® are strengthening of the speaking and swallowing muscles and communicating by speaking with intent. To learn more about the Parkinsons Voice Project here.

The SPEAK OUT!® program consists of:

  • Twelve individual speech therapy sessions conducted by a certified SLP

  • 40-45 minute sessions

  • Ideally, following SPEAK OUT!® with group therapy with the LOUD Crowd®


Speech and Swallowing

A speech therapist is an expert in identifying and treating speaking and swallowing disorders. Speaking disorders usually present as difficult choosing or expressing words, difficulty comprehending or communicating, or needing adaptive means to interact with others.

Do you have a swallowing disorder? Some signs of a swallowing problem may include:

  • coughing during or right after eating or drinking

  • “wet” sounding voice after eating or drinking

  • needing extra time or effort to chew or swallow

  • experiencing food or liquid leaking from the mouth

  • difficulty breathing after meals